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A Divine Appointment

In 2015 our family travelled to South Africa on a mission trip and had the privilege of meeting Angus Buchan. Angus is the man featured in the movie Faith Like Potatoes. This is a must see.
Such a divine appointment which added more flame to the fire in my soul to preach the Gospel!
He said "if your dream doesn't scare you then it's not big enough. If you can do it on your own strength, you don't need God's involvement." I'm dreaming big! 
A few years ago Angus hosted a prayer meeting in SA and a million plus showed up! 

Prayer with Angus Buchan
Meeting Angus Buchan

It Is Time


   I would like to share with you what God has been speaking to me.  I believe God is asking me to arrange and plan one of the biggest prayer meetings the world has ever seen.  The biggest Canada has ever seen.  2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people will humble themselves and pray…”  I see this passage is talking about Christians.  Me and you who have given our lives to Jesus.  I see Canada is in a mess.  So many things—gay agenda, sexual orientation, confusion, abortion, embracing world religions except Christianity, to name a few.   I believe this is not really the devil’s fault, that is just who he is.  As Christians, we have turned this country over to him.  Many times we have played by the devil’s rules.  Romans 8:19 says All of creation is waiting for the Sons of God to  be revealed.  It is time we pray and live as Sons of God, and in that position, God will come in our defense and the devil will back down and our country will be transformed.


   Our vision for the meetings is that we see a thousand people coming to our farm and God releasing an urgency on them that will result in seeing 10,000 the next year and by the third year, 100,000 people.  Our country will take a major turn and will be unrecognizable from the path we are headed on.


   I see the meetings looking like this. I see worship, preaching, repentance, healing, deliverance, and times of prayer that will powerfully reach the heavens and transform our lives and impact our country. We will be able to have RV’s and tents on our property and will try to arrange food for everyone.


   Why God is calling me to do this?  I am just a simple farmer but I am crazy enough to believe God in this.  Just before I went to a Men’s Conference, I was telling someone “Who is the person that God is going to use to transform this country?” I know in hindsight it can sound arrogant on my part, but then a prophecy came forth a few days later that confirmed that thought.  In April of 2017  I went to a Men’s Conference in Binghampton New York and a prophet,  Andre Bronkhorst was ministering there.  He asked me to stand up and spoke over me to arrange these prayer meetings.  He said I have been anointed to do this and again he repeated that this will be one of the largest prayer meetings the world has ever seen.  He prophecied the three meetings that will take place on our farm.  


   Two years earlier, we met Angus Buchan from South Africa, the main character in the movie Faith Like Potatoes.  He prayed over us as a family and challenged me that if our vision for God doesn’t scare us, it’s too small.  In 2010, they had half a million men on their farm and I stood on the same spot.  He showed me his farm where all the hills had been filled with people.  It was mind boggling.  God touched me deeply that day.  


   I am a farmer as he is a farmer, and what God has done through him, I am convinced God wants to do through me also.   I have been in Zambia three times, ministering in many churches in South Africa,  India six going on seven times, holding crusades, praying for the sick and seeing many come to Jesus.  So many miracles I could never count, and stories I can hardly believe to be true. I have also  rented halls and ministered in many churches in Alberta.  

   When I was 21 years old I went to some revival services in Slave Lake, Alberta put on by a Vineyard group.  It was in the early nineties.  I was prayed over and the people could hardly believe what God was showing them.  They said that God was going to use me BIG.  They kept talking about something so big it seemed as I was in as much shock as they were but I could never forget that time.

Fast forward to when I was 39.  A preacher from South Africa, Louw Ronquest came to our church and met me for the first time.  He spoke from the front of the church and said that I was a man who loved Jesus.   To be honest, I didn’t feel like I loved Him very much.  But in that time I truly laid down my life to follow Jesus.   God started to slowly show me that He wanted me to preach.  I was always too shy and scared to speak but God showed me how much I can trust Him.  It’s like He just comes out of me when I preach.  


   One time while I was in Kohima, Nagaland, I was with Pastor Louw Ronquest from South Africa.  We had rented a hall and there were about 500 people.  We prayed for all of them and at least half fell in the power of the Spirit.  The whole time I was laying my hands on them I kept asking God”What about my country? “   As the night came to a close God spoke to me and said “I am the same in Canada as India or Africa. “ It is us who are different.


   I realize that if I don’t start to plan this meeting on our farm, I will never know what God will do.   We have ordered a Gospel Tent that is 76x130 to get started.   I need all the help I can get because this is way, way bigger than anything I have ever done.  These meetings will bring a multitude of people, backgrounds, denominations, together to seek the face of God for ourselves and our country. If you have read this and believe that God’s Spirit is in this, I would love your help.    I believe with all my heart that it is not too late for us and our country, but we must act.  


We can’t wait for some other time.  Now is the time God is calling us.


   We will need help to run the event in areas such as setup, organizing, and advertising.  We need help in praying for this event—that people would want to come out to my farm in Northern Alberta.  We will need help to cover financial costs as to put something on of this size will take significant money.  

I believe this is the Lord speaking and His Hand will be in this.  Canada will once again be a Christian country with God-loving people being a light to the world.  I need you, God needs you.   Believe with me for our country and beyond.


God bless you, Chris Lindberg.

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